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Küni's prosecution is part of a wave of arrests, dismissals and other legal actions taken against human rights defenders, medical professionals, lawyers, journalists, and academics since July in Southeast Turkey, and throughout Turkey after the failed military coup in July The statement underlines the principal importance of the case.

Küni is a medical doctor, and is therefore under a professional duty to provide medical assistance to any person in need of such assistance. He is also a human rights defender. As World Press Freedom Day is celebrated across the globe on May 3, we, the undersigned organizations, cannot forget the untenable price journalists pay for government criticism in Azerbaijan.

The case of Mehman Huseynov is emblematic. Avisen Novaja Gazeta har publisert grufulle avsløringer om at over hundre homofile i den russiske delrepublikken Tsjetsjenia skal ha blitt innbrakt, plassert i irregulære fengsler og utsatt for grov tortur, og minst tre personer skal være drept. I etterkant har det kommet alvorlige trusler mot avisen og dens støttespillere.

He is part of an international trial monitoring group, monitoring the trial against Dr. Serdar Küni, a medical doctor who provided medical treatment during clashes in Cizre in and Erdogan etablerer, som i Putins Russland, illiberalt demokrati som gir valgvinneren rett til å overkjøre de som ikke deler hans syn.

Assisterende generalsekretær Gunnar M. Ekeløve-Slydal deltar i en internasjonal delegasjon som observerer rettssaken mot legen og menneskerettighetsforkjemperen Serdar Küni, som finner sted Men de gjenopprettede relasjonene kan ikke bygge på at Norge unnlater å ta opp de omfattende bruddene på menneskerettighetene i landet.

Den moderne menneskerettighetstanken bygger på at disse rettighetene er grunnverdiene for det internasjonale samfunnet og skal beskyttes og fremmes gjennom at landene holder hverandre ansvarlige. En god dialog mellom statene er forutsetning for at dette skal fungere. While there are still numerous violations of human rights with respect to workers and migrants in Russia, it is vital that well-known and respected international bodies such as FIFA, do not become complicit in such practices, and act upon the human rights commitments underlined in the FIFA World Cup Sustainability Strategy and FIFA 2.

The Vision for the Future. March, peaceful protest actions took place across Russia, Belarus and in Kyrgyzstan, which were met with heavy police forces, mass arrests and violence from the authorities. Although they did not seem to have been coordinated in any way, the protests have in common that they were supported by citizens fed up with corruption and oppression. Governments of the three countries seem to know only one way of reacting: Interdiction, violence and detentions.

Still, citizens for the first time in a very long time, defied fears and participated. The participation across Russia, not limited to big cities, had not been seen for years. More than people have been detained since 3 March, and several detentions have been carried out with excessive use of force.

On the eve of planned demonstrations in Minsk and several other places in Belarus on 25 March, we urge President Lukashenka to abide human rights principles. Photo by Andrey Liankevich. Organisasjonene støtter lovfesting av kravet til forholdsmessighet i vurderingen av tilbakekall. Kravet bør konkretiseres ved at det innføres en foreldelsesfrist. For å sikre en rettssikker prosess, er det domstolene som bør vurdere forholdsmessigheten. These women languish in prison in for no other reason than their legitimate and peaceful activities, and the charges against them are trumped-up and must be dropped, the NHC said.

The letter urges the College to pursue the enforcement action against the government of Poland under the Article 7 of the EU treaty, as the government of Poland continues to undermine the rule of law. Regjeringen bør avvente saksbehandling av tilbakekallelser til regelverket er endret. Dette sa Helsingforskomiteens assisterende generalsekretær Gunnar Ekeløve-Slydal i sitt innlegg på åpen høring i Stortingets kommunal- og forvaltningskomité 9.

Norske politikere bør ikke la seg presse av Putins regime. Legislation which has recently been proposed by the Hungarian Government will, possibly unconstitutionally, target and paralyze non-government organisations that receive grants from foreign funds. One observer was beaten and two others had their mobile phones taken away from them by force. It is vital that the incident is properly investigated.

Urgent action is needed - again. Did your organization sign? He was arrested simply for spraying graffiti, but was later tortured into confessing to serious drug crimes. Bogus drug possession charges to silence critical voices is not new in Azerbaijan, where the authorities widely plant drugs on their opponents to lock them up. The undersigned organisations call upon the Azerbaijani authorities to reverse this alarming trend and respect basic human rights and freedoms, as well as for international partners to ensure Azerbaijan honours its treaty commitments as a state party to the European Convention on Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Behind the Scenes, uimotsagt få komme med uriktige påstander om Helsingforskomitéen. Han fremsetter svært kontroversielle, og etter Helsingforskomitéens mening, feilaktige påstander om den kjente russiske varsleren Sergei Magnitskij, som døde i et russisk fengsel som følge av manglende legehjelp og tortur i november The letter is published jointly by 18 NGOs.

On Election Day, the Mission deployed 36 international observers who visited more than polling stations across the country. This preliminary statement summarizes our findings. The alarming consequences of the constitutional amendments after yesterday´s referendum will increase the power of the President, dramatically weaken democratic institutions and will further isolate and repress dissent in Azerbaijan.

NHC has made a statement highly critical of the amendments and calls for sanctions against the regime. The organizers have been met with homophobic and transphobic threats from right wing extremists as well as protests from the City authorities, and the Jewish Community Center "Max Grant" that should have been the festival venue cancelled their contract due to fear of repercussions.

Zhalaudi Geriev, a journalist of the Russian independent news portal Caucasian Knot on September 5, and demand his unconditional release.

We are deeply concerned about a string of attacks against the freedom of expression in the region, which for years has been marred by violence and threaths agains journalists. NHC, as a Sport for Rights coalition member, condemns this renewed crackdown, and and joins the call on the Azerbaijani authorities to take immediate steps to improve the human rights situation in the country, starting with the release of political prisoners.

The Coalition also documented violations of the right to legal counsel in a series of cases. All findings, along with recommendations are published in a preliminary report by the coalition.

Yet the government, which controls the courts, the parliament and the media, remains deaf to the calls. She was physically assaulted and had acid thrown at her by unknown perpetrators on 22 May , leaving her with severe burns to her face and body.

The context of the attack suggests that she may have been targeted in retribution for petitions she filed regarding her son, a military conscript. The signatories call for a prompt, thorough and impartial investigation into the attack, with due attention being given to this possible motive for the attack.

We support the call for immediate amendments to the Draft Electoral Law published by Armenian organisations yesterday," Wetteland concluded. The government of Turkmenistan should inform the relatives of the disappeared of their fate and whereabouts and allow them access to their loved ones without further delay.

Her reporting had caused her arrest in December The first prize is given to the opposition politician Lev Shlosberg for his fight for democratic values in the Russian Federation. The submission points out that the situation of civil and political rights in Turkey has deteriorated in Some of the actions and statements of senior politicians — including President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan — led to an erosion of the rule of law.

In particular, the media and the judiciary were under pressure by the executive power. The submission also points to challenges related to refugees, freedom of religion and belief and LGBTI. It raises concerns that the end of the Kurdish peace process will lead to further detoriation of respect for human rights. Authorities detained Guzyal Baidalinova, 47, a journalist and the owner of Nakanune. Oslo, May 3, Tajik authorities should immediately and unconditionally release four human rights lawyers and two sons of another prominent lawyer who are imprisoned or detained on politically motivated charges, Human Rights Watch and the Norwegian Helsinki Committee said today.

Tajik authorities should stop harassing and targeting independent lawyers. Any disciplinary sanctions against the lawyer could severely undermine his independence as member of the legal profession and hinder his important and legitimate professional activity. The government is also targeting perceived critics abroad, seeking their detention and extradition back to Tajikistan, and has forcibly disappeared critics abroad only to have them reappear in Tajik custody.

Helsingforskomitéen har i en høringsuttalelse kritisert forslagene for å svekke retten til å søke om asyl. Komiteen er også kritisk til en rekke enkeltforslag, blant annet om bare å gi enslige mindreårige asylsøkere «midlertidig beskyttelse», innføre meget strenge regler for familiegjenforening og å gjøre det enklere å henvise til «internflukt».

The appeal was backed with signatures of people from across the world. There were blatant violations of the electoral code and verbal and physical attacks on observers and journalists, said Lene Wetteland, senior advisor of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee NHC.

Rittmann was deported from Kyrgyzstan upon her arrival to Manas International Airport in Bishkek on 2 December, after living and working for several years in the country.

The nine rights groups, including the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, now calls on UN to hold Tashkent accountable for arbitrary detention. If the verdicts are not nullified immediately, then it is time to impose targeted sanctions against Azerbaijan´s main human rights perpetrators. Det ble senere kjent at alle seks var blitt dømt til lange fengselsstraffer og høyst sannsynlig torturert. UNE har senere stanset tvangsreturer til Usbekistan. From a relatively weak draft presented by the co-rapporteurs from Spain and Poland, the report was significantly improved by the adoption of several important amendments during the session.

Most significantly, the report now includes a demand for the release of political prisoners in Azerbaijan, mentioning several of them by name. Møtet ble ledet av rådspresident i Den norske Helsingforskomité Kristin Clemet. Generalsekretær Bjørn Engesland la fram året s svært omfattende aktiviteter. Årsmøtet ber i en uttalelse den norske regjeringen om å gi reell støtte til det stadig økende antallet politiske fanger i OSSE-området. Instead states should focus on making concrete, specific and measurable recommendations.

There are also serious flaws with the agreement. The human rights situation was far from perfect before the armed conflict, but there is no doubt that it has become much worse in the rebel-controlled areas. He sustained severe head injuries and is in critical condition in hospital, unable to explain the details of what happened to him.

Murad Magomadov had been defending villagers of the Vremennyi village in Dagestan who were lost everything during a so-called counter terrorism operation autumn Det var karikaturtegninger, satire og religions- og samfunnskritikk som var magasinets varemerke. Alt tyder på at angrepet var en hevn for karikaturer med satirisk brodd mot islam, sier Bjørn Engesland, generalsekretær i Den norske Helsingforskomité.

This shows that there is no end to the assault on independent voices by the government of this oil rich country and provides further proof of its disregard for founding values of the Council of Europe and its obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights. I brevet, som ble overlevert av Amnesty International Moskva, krever vi at loven blir opphevet. Det er hele organisasjoner fra 32 land som har skrevet under på dette kravet. Finally, a future outlook will be presented. Les Etats démocratiques doivent oeuvrer pour protéger les défenseurs en danger.

Read the letter in full below. Although a large number of violations were registered both during the election campaign and on election day, they did not influence the result of the elections. In occupied Crimea and in large parts of Eastern Luhansk and Donetsk, it is not possible to organise elections, and some 4.

Norwegian Helsinki Committee is in Kyiv to observe the elections. Lower courts found Golos in breach of the law because of receiving our Sakharov Freedom Award in The Moscow City Court, however, said that since Golos did not receive the 10 US Dollar prize money, it was not obliged to register.

The ruling is a serious defeat for the Ministry of Justice. The list, containing as many as 98 names, was compiled under the leadership of Leyla Yunus and Rasul Jafarov.

Both Leylas and Rasuls own names have been added to the list the last few weeks. The lawyer Intigam Aliyev was arrested Friday 8 August, and was the fourth human rights activist who in a short time have been detained in Azerbaijan.

This means that in the two last weeks, four of the most prominent human rights defenders in Azerbaijan have been sent to prison, all under investigation for serious crimes and risking many years behind bars if convicted. The four have all been outspoken critics of the regime of President Ilham Aliyev, and by the move Azerbaijan once again shows a blatant contempt towards the European Convention on Human Rights.

Amnesty Norge har med støtte fra Den norske Helsingforskomité og en rekke andre organisasjoner i Norge sendt et brev til statssekretær Bård Glad Pedersen der vi ber om at også de økonomiske, sosiale og kulturelle rettighetene vektlegges gjennom Stortingsmeldingen om menneskerettigheter i utenrikspolitikken. In the letter we also call upon the Ukrainian government to support the work of human rights NGOs, journalists, bloggers and other media, and aknowledge the important and legitimate role of human rights defenders in the promotion of human rights, democracy and the rule of law as an essential component of ensuring their protection.

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HDIM is an arena where civil society representatives can present views and directly challenge state represenatives. In the letter we bilder av menn chinese bøsse dating call upon the Ukrainian government to support the work of human rights NGOs, journalists, bloggers and other media, and aknowledge the important and legitimate role of human rights defenders in the promotion of human rights, democracy and the rule of law as an essential component of ensuring their protection. The inspections are follow-up on recently adopted restrictive legislation that violates freedom of association and aims at obstructing human rights work in the country. Søker ei kåt jente å kose meg med, snap gmann21j eller kik alaa Yet the government, which controls the courts, the parliament and the media, remains deaf to the calls. Interdiction, violence and detentions. Søk Hva søker du etter.